Saturday, 19 January 2013

Rain Date

Rain Date

It was heavily raining and when I say heavily it’s a disaster in Mumbai. I was new to the city and was caught by the rain mid road with no escape. Rain never affects me rather it is the symbol of relief, joy and happiness to me but this time I was worried about my office Laptop weighing 5 Kg, fully encrypted, secured and all lot of security stuff, I was holding it close to my heart it is the normal gesture how we hold our bags in local train. As I was finding some shelter I saw a tree giving shelter to people already crowded. In Mumbai you can never relax its always a race, race for job, taxi, bus, shelter, meal and it was dry shelter this time. I ran towards the tree.

It was continuously raining and now fights for our dry shelter has become intense as few more people joined it. We were standing very close to each other when I found some nasty hairs going in my nose. It smelled nice but who wants to smell some unknown hair down the street. Hairs were curly and beyond control of the lady having absurd colors here and there which girls do I never had clue what does that reflects. Now people started feeling that rain is not going to stop so few gentlemen who were in hurry ran towards their destination relieving us with some more space.

After few minutes I found that only two of us are left others dared running. As we had ample space now we both were standing adjacent when I found that the hairs I smelled from few minutes are of a very beautiful girl and being all time single kind of guy your brain never stops flashing romantic pictures seeing any beautiful lady.

With some more time elapsed she caught me starring at her and gave me smile I replied with wider smile giving a sorry look as I was embarrassed being caught in such a manner. I felt I should say something and with my past experience I got that best conversation starters are complaint, start complaining about anything and people will readily join you. I started, “It is raining so heavily in this non monsoon season” She replied, “Yes, it was not expected” “Now a day it rains anytime” said I, she nodded in assent. Being talkative is also a blessing you always have something or the other to throw not letting conversation to die. “So you work nearby..?” asked I, “Yes in lower parel” said she. “Then you should have waited in office itself..?” this was my best question as it demands more set of words to answer. “It was not raining at that time and even I didn’t expect it and was in hurry t reach home”. I gave her smile in the form of sympathy about what disaster she is facing. After her answer it was my obvious question “where do you stay..?” “Malad” said she. It was where I also use to stay I said “I also stay in Malad” with a gesture that I am your companion in your difficult time.

After few minutes of pause it was my turn to take the onus of letting this conversation to a meaningful end. “Hi I am Rahul” I stated and extended my hand, so she replied “I am Priya”. Now she became comfortable and started asking me question about me and I was ever ready for answering all question coming my way. With the conversation on I cracked some silly joke which my friend use to crack and I use to avoid it saying pathetic but they work with the girl I don’t know how they find it humorous.

With our rapid fire round I got to know that she works in same building where I, not happy with job she is doing, there is so much stress in her life which every girl feel they are. She was amusing, friendly, cute and most important very beautiful like McDonald tag line I am loving it.

Time fly like bird though I am not very good with girls eventually this time I managed to do friendship with the girl and as rain stopped we made our way to the railway station there I we had a cup to tea. She seemed to be the perfect match to me, simple, cute, happy go lucky and bit intelligent as well, she was the material my parents and relatives will also not object if gone for a inter-caste marriage. Also I thought that with her intelligence she will be good mother to my child as well, she seemed to be bit strict for my baby boy and loving for my baby girl.

As we were running out of time and train also arriving soon I thought that it was the time to go for a kill because if not today it will be never. I asked her “Can you share your phone number with me” to which she replied, “Why do you want my phone number..?” It was expected from any girl, it’s a girl virus which always say why even though knowing the reason. I replied “to keep in touch” to which she smiled and gave her phone number readily which was even unexpectedly the mammoth task was easily done. But I was in the mood to go for kill so I directly questioned “Do you have any boyfriend..?” listening my question she started laughing loudly. I expected naughty smile but it was a big laugh I was puzzled with her behavior. She continued for a while and then caught her breath to answer “No I don’t have boyfriend” I had a sigh of relief. Then she said “rather I have a husband and two kids waiting for me in my home” listening to which I was into a big trauma and was very confused what to reply so after controlling my emotions I gave a silent smile.

On a perfect time train arrived and we took our position to climb train, she was to go in ladies compartment while I was to go in general so as we left for respective compartment I looked back and gave her a big wave saying bye.

At the end of the day I had a big smile on my face for the day with lots of adventure, excitement, hope and courage. But it was a bad day for a chartered accountant who failed judging woman and her age and eventually it eneded up into a RAIN DATE.

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  1. mast..abe m enjoying reading ur blogs..sahi likh raha be..good going..keep it up.. :)