Sunday, 10 March 2013

Pain absorbers…

Pain absorbers…

Few years back I was watching a movie. I don’t even remember its name, but I remember only one scene in which Sanjay Dutt was some kind of baba and people came to him with their pain, he used to touch them absorb their pain and for a few moments he suffered and the person who came to him got rid of his disease. This scene always makes me think that, are their anymore pain absorbers in his world.

Psychiatry is an occupation, which always gave me an odd feeling. I never understood what they did in reality. If I say it my way, “Chutiya banane ke dhande hai!” I beg your pardon for my language. But the business of psychiatry or shops of psychiatrists are flourishing leaps and bounds. There must be some reason for it. When I gave a deep thought to it, I found that they are mental pain absorbers. People go to them with their mental pain; the things they can’t solve. Psychiatrists absorb peoples’ problem into their own mind and thus the patient’s hard disk gets formatted.

Friends play the same role. Tell your best friend your problem and see his face; if you can find him/her tensed, then he/she is probably your best friend. You can even see a tear in your friend’s eyes if your problem is that serious. I am not going deeper in this as you know that a friend in need is friend indeed.

Here comes the best pain absorber; your family. Have you ever noticed your mom getting tensed at the time of your exam result or your father talking to you in bare minimum words when you are stepping out of home for a job, study or anything? This is your pain that they are letting to seep into themselves and gifting you a huge smile. Have you ever seen children weeping and hugging their parents? It’s a normal thing, but have you ever noticed the face of a parent during when he consoles his child. Look into those eyes, you can see the same amount of pain that the child is facing or may be more than that.

Has a movie or a novel ending with a sad note dampened your mood? It happens as you start acting as pain absorber; in this case you absorb the pain of the movie character or the character in that novel and start feeling his pain as if yours. It happened with me too! I was saddened for a week, because the novel I was reading ended on a sad note and not as I wish it to be.

We human being, the best processor in this world have an open USB port. We connect to the people and try to download their sorrows into our happy life, to reduce their sorrows may be a little and that’s why we are human beings. I have even seen people who are bothering about disasters in others’ lives, forgetting their own life. That’s even a kind of stupidity. Do not download the data more than your disk space or else your system will get slow and eventually high data processing will hamper your life.

On the ending note of my wisdom not worth a penny I will say, “Absorb pain of others’ life into your happy life, as happiness is not the only thing we are here for, pain is even better but still you don’t want it. But mind it; a little pain in your life will make your life worthy living.

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