Sunday, 17 March 2013

Love what a mess.!!!

Love Mess

                Today it wasn’t an ordinary day; after bathing in the heavy rain the night before, this new day had a charm of its own. The last drop clinging on to the grass blades, the roads wet all drenched and the typical pleasing smell of the earth; I loved it all. When this happens right at the dawn, it brings a different joy. Going to the tuition every morning was a juggernaut task for me but today the start was so special that nothing seemed painful. I gave a missed call to Sachin; this was a signal that I gave to tell him that I have left my home all Buckled, so that he could be ready and waiting for me on the lane just outside his home.
                I kick started my bike but today I didn’t found Sachin waiting for me as usual. So as soon as I reached in front of his home I called him at the top of my voice, “Sachinn...!” He came to the balcony and said, “Rohit..Just 2 minutes...!” and I started waiting for him. All of a sudden I saw the house exactly opposite to Sachin’s home, where a beautiful girl was watering the plants. She saw me and she smiled and my heart went wild and pounding. Damn..!! A girl so beautiful smiling at me...Jeez I love this waiting now...!! I wasn’t sparing her of my piercing stare and she was steeling glimpses in between. During this our eyes often met. I too took out my glasses and wore it so that if at all the eyes meet they should meet in style...but on this very moment that moron, Sachin came.
Rohit: You bugger couldn’t you come after a few more minutes..!!
Sachin: why? What happened..?
Rohit: Dude whos that girl..your neighbour...??
Sachin: Shes a kid..was two years junior at our school.
Rohit: This kid has grown up now, Dude you got a good luck...!!
Sachin: Dude shes a screwed up case, she even goes for junkies...leave it..!
                We reached at the tuition class and as usual we reached early because I hate impunctuality. We straight away went to our last bench and sat there. Gone are the days when benches at schools and colleges used to get filled right from the start; now a day the last benches get filled first and then only the helpless ones make their way to the front ones. As usual I knelt down and waited, not for the tutor but for Rekha Jethwani. She was the only inspiration that could drive me through the 6:00AM lecture. Sachin dived into his much cherished sea of knowledge with his habitual partners of crime and why not he was the golden club student so this saint always had a swarm of followers accompanying him. Rekha stepped into the class with all her pride dressed in a black sleeveless top and I couldn’t help my jaw not to drop. The first half passed in a battle between my studies and the the adorable beauty of Rekha and then came my breakfast time.
                Sachin was busy with his eternal duty of enlightening his disciples so I thought that I should fetch a tea for me. “Kaka...A tea for me please..!” and I heard a melodious voice asking for tea from behind. I turned to see and I froze ...The attendant served both our tea and both of us stepped forward with a Rs.10 note in our hand. Now both of us looked towards each other and I gathered all my guts and said, “May I buy you a tea?” She was amazed but as we say, helplessness the name of Gandhi!
I spent the rest of the tuition planning about my future, my happy married life and kids with Rekha. It was any ways better than the Scum-face tutor and the accounts lessons that went tangnt to me. After the tuition we left for our home and while driving I told Sachin
Sachin: So what was so special in it?
Rohit: Fool..You won’t get it..!
Sachin: Fool you craped your money for her, had you had a rip at her money it would had been a point to notice..!!
Rohit: Mr.Sachin, love aint a cup of your tea...!!
                Fortunately or unfortunately I along with Sachin were interns under the same boss. I knew today it wont be a heavy work day, its Saturday. We reached office, worked a bit then we came to know that boos is out of the office for the day. Now all that was left was to finish the day off to go back to home. I had even switched to my enjoyment mode keeping all the work aside but Sachin was still busy beating on his computer keypad. Now I was busy deciding whom should I irritate? Sachin gets pissed off much early so Minal was the next soft target for me. Minal too is an employee at our office. She spends half her time adoring me. I knew this and all among the office staff had this issue noted for pulling her legs. Sometimes I thought she is a nice chick to try on but often my mind changed after looking at her; but today I had no other choice to spend my time.
Rohit: Hi Minal! Wassup..Is that report finalised?
Minal: Yup..It is nearly finished...just need some help
Sachin came in from nowhere.
Sachin: Need some help..Can I?
                I thought all my efforts went in vain. I had toiled a lot to find this timepass but Sachin just snatched it away. Now both of them were busy jumping there fingures on the keyboard but luckily I saw Juhi. Juhi came to us waved hi to us, Sachin gave unenthusiastic response while she waited for him.  Juhi was a beautiful girl and my office colleagues went drooling over her but she didn’t care a tinker’s damn for anybody. Being elder to me I couldn’t create any romantic angle towards her but  still she was a good friend for me. A beautiful girl aproaching, though elder or younger getting deny; man this is not the Rohit Shetty style!
                So after all the came to an end and I went to drop Sachin home and we started chatting. I was peeping towards the neighbours’ home for the obvious reason. In a casual chat the topic of romance got started, huge and effective tips for successful tips started pouring out from every corner. Sachin was in a flow of emotions and so I thought its a nice time to dig out some secrets. I asked him,” Isn’t there even a single one for whom you lost your heart?” He tried to dodge my treasure hunter queries but finally he mentioned Minal as the one.
                I was startled by the fact that I suggested him three chicks through the day and he always fished out a fault in them but he couldn’t find out that Minal wasn’t even a bit above average. This is solely because he aws a lover boy romantic and emotional person sunk till his neck in his emotions and to call him a spade in front of him was like digging a pit for myself.
So to conclude the girls I like, Sachin is not interested in them though they are achievable for him if Sachin gives proper attention to them and the girl who likes me  and don’t give damn on Sachin like her. Actually we humans are greedy, we love those task which are difficult and beyond our easy zone.
Life is a big Minal is the love of his life he can justify her  against all odds though I can put points against her. Its really a love mess.

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